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Enjoy a relaxing sailing cruise out to the islands on our 46'  catamaran.  We drop anchor in the Loreto Bay National Park at a secluded beach cove  - away from the crowds and we limit this experience to only 12 guests. 


Seize the Day - All you have to do is decide how to spend your day.  You can just unwind and lay out on the beach or go exploring with our hybrid paddle board/kayaks, snorkeling or go hiking along the shore.  It's up to you, and best of all, it's at your own pace.   

All inclusive - Bring only your personal items.  We provide  breakfast treats, hot lunch, unlimited beer, soft drinks, and snacks,. We even include towels and a hot shower.


Have a Beach Party! - No day at the beach is complete without firing up the grill and popping open a cold one.  Enjoy grilled burgers, dogs and other creative dishes prepared on the beach just for you.   Add unlimited beer and soft drinks, and you have the makings for a real beach party! 


Creature Comforts - your boat comes with a fully outfitted galley, gas grill and yes, 4 private bathrooms complete with hot showers. The air conditioned salon is yours as cool haven and there is plenty of room to hang out and get the feel of a real sailing experience. 

FAQ's  -  Click here to get more details on The Island Beach Day adventure.    

The Island Overnighter

A one-of-a-kind getaway! 

A sunset cruise that doesn't end at sunset - Sail to the islands for a unique and private beach dinner party and more.  To preserve the secluded and private atmosphere,  we limit this adventure to 8 guests in double berths.

Your own private getaway - After you drop anchor at the cove reserved just for you, the fiesta begins.  Party time with tiki torches, a bonfire, unlimited drinks and a personal chef.


Dine under the stars- Enjoy the evening with new or old friends around the bonfire sipping your favorite cocktails while the chef puts the finishing touches on your sit-down dinner.  Adventure dining at its best.


Comforts of home - The party winds down and your double-berth air-conditioned cabin is waiting.  Each is equipped with a private bathroom and separate shower.  Nowhere else can you experience the night on the islands in comfort on a fully equipped blue-water catamaran.

The dawn patrol - The most relaxing time of the day on the water is at dawn, which is enhanced greatly with a hot cup-of-joe and a breakfast treat.  Now, sit back and watch the sunrise bring the islands to life before your very eyes.

Get moving - You're well rested and fueled up, so get moving with a self guided paddling adventure on a hybrid paddle board.  You can either stand up or sit down kayak style.  They are ideal for everyone.

Above and below - Go snorkeling and get an up close and personal view of the Sea of Cortez.  There is no shortage of marine life and plenty of time to explore.  Take a walk along the shoreline, or enjoy a hike on the rugged and remote islands.  Just be sure to responsibly enjoy the ecologically fragile environment. 

Back to reality - While you may not want to leave, you'll still enjoy the sail back to the mainland, eating a relaxing lunch while sharing your shipmates' experiences. 

FAQ's  -   Click here to get more details on The Island Overnighter adventure. 




We Put "Adventure" into Sailing

The Island Beach Day

Sail away for a day of adventure! 

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