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Our Vision

There are plenty of charter companies to choose from and there are countless adventure tour companies offering to give you an “experience of a lifetime”.  This claim is used a little too freely, and is rarely achieved.  We know, we’ve been on some of those tours. Some operators provided a great experience, but many just didn’t deliver. Often we came away disappointed.    Putting our collective heads together, we knew we could do better. 


Over the years it became apparent that we are "adventurers" more than "tourists".  The term "tourist" always conjured up memories of Florida beaches packed with sunburned snowbirds.  This was not our idea of a great vacation. 

As experienced international travelers, we would always gravitate toward activities that the stereotypical tourist would never think of.  But as a visitor in a foreign land, we also respected our hosts and conducted ourselves accordingly.  

Looking back over the years, the term “adventure travel” really had not matured, and was often just called “off the beaten path."   No matter what you call it today, our experiences living, working and visiting interesting and different parts of the world, is the foundation for Anything But Typical LLC. 


Combining a "lifetime of experiences" and our never ending passion for adventure have inspired our vision for creating a better experience for everyone.

Our Mission Statement

Anything But Typical

Three words.  Everything we do we strive to be anything but typical.  Not only is it the name of our company, but our mission. 


To feed your adventurous spirit, mainstream and ordinary just won't cut it. We are an adventure sailing company and our goal is to give you an active outdoor experience that is unique, satisfying and anything but typical.  


Don't confuse our vision with extreme and dangerous, that is not us.  If that is what you crave, then we are not a good fit.  


What We Don't Do

Our Overall Approach

We feel this is important for you to understand our business philosophy.

We do not offer any "extreme" or unusually dangerous activities.  Yes, outdoor activities all contain elements of danger and a risk of injury, but we only use qualified professionals to lead our activities. 


We are not yacht dealers or brokers. We do not sell boats. Our entire business is focused on providing you the best sailing adventure possible, period.  We have no ulterior motives and you will never get a sales pitch.

We do not ignore Federal, State or Mexican laws and rules. Being in business requires a level of responsibility to know and follow the law.  Ignoring the rules just to cut corners is dangerous and irresponsible.

We do not charge any extra fees.  You will not find any fine print that requires you to pay any more than our published prices.  All additional fees such as park fees are paid by us.  There are no additional port of marina fees.  We are all inclusive. 


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Our Mission - Everything we do will be anything but typical.      

When mainstream and ordinary just won't cut it. We are there. Our goal is to give you an experience that is unique, satisfying and lives up to our name - Anything But Typical.  

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Anything But Typical LLC is registered with the State of California as a Seller of Travel (CST #1233938-50).

Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.”  You may request a copy of our registration certificate, or view a copy of that certificate on display at our business office.      What does this mean for You?

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