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Baja Peninsula                   Sea of Cortez              Loreto              Marina Puerto Escondido

Seeking an Adventure,

Looking for an Escape 

Connect With Nature or a Chance to Unwind

Whatever your reasons, we understand.  Your time is limited and you want a unique getaway for a change of pace, but also a unique and unforgettable experience that can be shared with friends and family. 

We'll take you to those remote areas where you get a chance to disconnect.  No cell phones or internet, or crowds and tourists for that matter.  We do have satellite phone service, which means that being remote does not mean being out of touch. 

It's your time to disconnect and reconnect.  Away from the crowds and into the wild, we can take your relaxing sailing getaway and turn it into your gateway to undersea exploration, your floating base camp for wildlife encounters or your personal platform to focus on achieving your goals. because what we do is Anything But Typical.


An Exotic Destination- Right in Our Backyard

Baja Peninsula                   Sea of Cortez              Loreto              Marina Puerto Escondido

The Baja Peninsula

An Exotic Destination- Right in Our Backyard

So remote, yet so close.  Without leaving the North American continent, Baja and the Sea of Cortez awaits. Just a short flight from San Diego, you are in the heart of the Baja peninsula. This region is well known to some, but remains an unexplored and mysterious place to many of us. 

Surprising to many, this area is rich with historical significance.  The missions started here.  Noted explorers and writers have been impressed by what they discovered here. 

Still, the terrain remains pretty much the same as it was years ago.  There are few roads outside of the metropolitan areas, and even though there is a significant coastline, much of it is inaccessible by car, and only a few areas are accessible by boat. 



Baja Peninsula                   Sea of Cortez              Loreto              Marina Puerto Escondido

Why the Sea of Cortez?

Mexico's Best Kept Secret

Famous for being home to some of the world's best whale watching and sport fishing, the Sea of Cortez is much more. Up-close encounters with marine life above and below the sea, to world class sailing, this is one of the most dramatic places on earth.

The Sea of Cortez boasts hundreds of types of marine life, some found only in this area, and others that migrate annually such as sea turtles, Humboldt squid, manta rays and blue whales. Depending on the time of year, you will find and abundance of different animals and weather conditions. Scuba divers enjoy the summertime when the water is clear and warm.  Whale watchers typical frequent during winter migration months. 

Sea of Cortez

Baja Peninsula                   Sea of Cortez              Loreto              Marina Puerto Escondido

Loreto -B.C.S.

This is the Mexico You Only Read About

Untainted by developers and with the charm of a small town, Loreto is a significant historical center in all of Baja. One of Mexico's "Pueblos Magicos", Loreto has only one traffic light whether needed or not, and visitors and residents alike enjoy the casual friendly lifestyle that is now lost in other parts of Mexico.  

Served by an international airport, it is surprising that Loreto is still undiscovered, but it is not surprising that Loreto is home to a number of full and part time residents from the United States and Canada.  As the gateway to the National Marine Park, the local economy is supported by tourism, not spoiled by it. 

Complete with a regional hospital, a University and a wealth of local history, Loreto is not a dusty stopover, but is a little gem on the coast of one of the most rugged and remote peninsulas in North America. 

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