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Discovery Season


So Much to Explore

This incredible video was shot and edited by Mike Reed, many thanks to this avid sailor and skilled drone pilot.  All the video was shot by Mike, and every bit of the footage was shot in the Sea of Cortez.  This 26 minute video is well worth your while to see what the Sea of Cortez is all about.  

Mobula rays in Loreto. Shot and produced by Johnny Friday of Baja Productions  in La Paz.   An accomplished and nationally recognized wildlife cinematographer. Johnny Friday's work has been seen on numerous National Geographic programs.  Used with permission.

An often repeated comment by Jacques Costeau that the Sea of Cortez is "Aquarium of the World" is worth repeating because it so true.  So many species of marine life in such a concentrated region makes the Sea of Cortez a divers paradise and a snorkelers dream.

One of the best things about exploring Loreto is that there are very few other people around to spoil the experience.   No crowds, no huge tour buses disgorging resort guests, no runaway development. Just the few in-the-know people seeing the unique experience that only Loreto can provide.

This area is not just for divers though. If you have an appetite for outdoor adventure, you will not be disappointed. Whether in the water or on land, there are so many things to discover.  Explore the rocky shoreline or sandy beaches with a paddle board, kayak or by foot. Go on a photo/video wildlife hunt. Hike on an uninhabited island, or go inland and explore the canyons of the Gigante mountain range.  All this is yours for the asking. 

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Sea of Cortez - Director's cut

Sea of Cortez - Director's cut

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Flying Mobula Rays

Flying Mobula Rays

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