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Dive & Paddle Season

Island Overnighter

Only 7500 MX pesos + IVA tax (16%) per person  - All Inclusive

A sunset cruise that doesn't end at sunset - Sail to the islands for a unique and private beach dinner party and more.  To preserve the secluded and private atmosphere,  we limit this adventure to 8 guests in double berths.

Your own private getaway -Set sail in the afternoon to the islands of the Loreto National Park.  Enjoy a cocktail while we make our way to our destination.  Before sunset, we drop anchor and the fiesta begins.  Reserved just for you is a private beach, a bonfire, unlimited drinks and a great meal.


Dine under the stars- Enjoy the sunset with new or old friends while sipping your favorite cocktails.  Meanwhile, the chef puts the finishing touches on your sit-down dinner.  As the sun sets, the bonfire and tiki torches create an ambiance like no other.  This is adventure dining at its best.


Comforts of home - As the party winds down, your double-berth air-conditioned cabin is waiting.  Each is equipped with an en-suite private bathroom and shower.  Nowhere else can you experience an overnighter on the islands of the Loreto National Park in comfort on a fully equipped blue-water catamaran.

The dawn patrol - The most relaxing time of the day on the water is at dawn, which is enhanced greatly with a hot cup-of-joe and a breakfast treat.  Now, sit back and watch the sunrise bring the islands to life before your very eyes.

Get moving - The next morning you're well rested and fueled up, so get moving with a self guided paddling adventure on a hybrid paddle board. You can either stand up or sit down kayak style.  They are ideal for everyone and you don't have to stand up if you don't feel stable.

Above and below - Go snorkeling and get an up close and personal view of the Sea below.  There is no shortage of marine life and plenty of time to explore.  Take a walk along the shoreline, or enjoy a hike on the rugged and remote islands.  Just be sure to enjoy the ecologically fragile environment responsibly. 

Back to reality - While you may not want to leave, you'll enjoy the sail back to the mainland, eating a relaxing lunch while sharing your shipmates' experiences.


There is nothing like it in Loreto.  

FAQ's  -   Click here to get more details on The Island Overnighter adventure. 

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