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Welcome To Loreto 

Without leaving the North American continent, the Sea of Cortez awaits.  Just a short 2 hour flight from San Diego and you are in the heart of the Baja peninsula. Famous for being home to some of the world’s best whale watching, the Sea of Cortez is much more. From up close encounters with marine life, to world class sailing & fishing.


Loreto feels like somewhere between an old and new world. Linger along cobblestone streets, past shops selling pottery and a centuries-old mission to find local teenagers practicing a hip-hop act in the square.  Out in that blue water is a water-sports paradise and the magnificent Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto, where the shoreline, ocean and stunning offshore islands are protected from pollution and uncontrolled fishing.



Anthropologists believe the Loreto area to be the oldest human settlement on the Baja Peninsula. Indigenous cultures thrived here due to plentiful water and food. In 1697 Jesuit Juan María Salvatierra established the peninsula’s first permanent mission at this modest port backed by soaring mountains.

Culturally significant, Loreto is a welcome change from typical tourist towns.  Small enough to have character, but developed enough to provide a variety of activities,

Life below the surface.  Truly the world’s aquarium with hundreds of fish, marine mammals, and plenty of places to take it all in.   

Life above the water. Sea lions lounging, jumping rays, dolphins chasing the boat, whale watching. Go on a hike inland and see the massive rock formations, local flora and fauna to really get an understanding of this unique land. 

Despite its small size and population, it is bursting with big, authentic flavors. Experience local cuisine from elegant restaurants to incredible street food. Encompassing a large array of ingredients especially fresh sea food caught every morning.

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