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Sailing Season


At the Helm

Sailing in the Sea of Cortez is like going back in time.  The rocky shoreline is exactly like it was hundreds of years ago.  Mastering the power of the wind today is no different  than what the early explorers relied on in the past, only much safer today.  There are few other boats to interrupt your enjoyment, and the solitude is a refreshing change.  

You can explore the islands and stop at private beaches, deserted islands, or you can put on the miles and travel up the coast, making an overnight passage and planning a few stops at one of the secluded coves or fishing villages.  It is always sailing season around Loreto Mexico. 

Sailing is one of the least intrusive ways to interact with marine life.  With no motors running, and only gliding along with wind power, this is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. 

This is your opportunity to get a taste for the boating lifestyle, or to improve your boating skills.  Take the helm, or let it take you wherever you want. 


If you want to go one step further, we can help you get certified with courses through an ASA (American Sailing Association) sailing school (not directly related to ABT Sailing).  The ASA certification is one of the most universally recognized if you want to charter in the future.  

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