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On the Water or Below the Sea

Explore the Sea of Cortez the way you want to. Not just sailing, not just diving, not just paddling.     

To get up close, get in the water with a paddle, snorkel or scuba.  Just want to take it easy and enjoy the ride?  You can do that too.  The Bel Gato is your floating home base. 

Why is Loreto the ideal location?  There are so many species of marine like in such a concentrated region that it is a divers and snorkelers paradise.

Even better is the fact that our home base is in the middle of an internationally recognized marine habitat preserve (UNESCO).  On the same level as a U.S. National Park, the Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto (Loreto Bay National Park) is a testament to a successful program of eco-management.   This national park includes several large islands, Carmen, Danzante, Coronado, Santa Catalina, and Monserrat and many smaller ones. Together, these islands, the coastline  and their surrounding waters make up the Bahia de Loreto Parque Nacional, the second biggest national park in Mexico with an area of 797 square miles.

We will be one of the limited number of (approval pending) tour companies allowed to operate in this area.  Only approved operators are permitted to take visitors to any part of the park. This regulation is the same for all tour providers; scuba and snorkeling,  whale watching, kayaking, chartering and sightseeing are strictly controlled by the Park. 





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Our Mission - Everything we do will be anything but typical.      

When mainstream and ordinary just won't cut it. We are there. Our goal is to give you an experience that is unique, satisfying and lives up to our name - Anything But Typical.  

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